How a Password Changed my Life

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25th May, 2022

As I sat down in front of my computer a server message flashed on my screen, “your password has expired”

with instructions for changing it.

Passwords have become  a big deal in today’s digital world, where we have to change it monthly, using at least one uppercase, one lower case character, one symbol &one number.

Oh and the password can’t be fewer than eight characters.

And we can’t use any of the same passwords we’ve used in the past 3 months.

I was exasperated at this unnecessary task, what didn’t make it any better was that I was feeling not too bright after a recent downturn in a family relationship.

Disbelief over what had happened and how I was treated was what I thought all day.

That didn’t mean anything to the empty field with the pulsating cursor, waiting for me to type a password that I have to reenter many times – for the next 30 days.

I couldn’t focus on getting things done in my current mood.

I remembered a tip I’d heard and decided, “I’m going to use a password that is going to change my life”

There was clear indication that I needed to regain control over my life, but I couldn’t heed them.

My password became the indicator. My password reminded me that I shouldn’t let myself be a victim of my recent bad experience and that I was strong enough to do something about it.

I made my password – forgive@abc

I had to type this password several times every day each time my computer would lock.

Each time I came back to my computer, I wrote forgive@abc.

The simple action changed the way I looked at the experience.That constant reminder of reconciliation led me to accept the way things happened and helped me deal with my depression.

As one month wore on, I felt a slow healing began to take place.

By the time the server prompted me to change my password following month, I felt free.

The next time I had to change my password I thought about the next thing that I had to get done.

My password became startwalking@getfit

It motivated me to follow my goal and I was able to restart my morning walk routine.

One month later, my password became


and in three months I was able to take a holiday.

Seeing how reminders helped me materialize my goals kept me motivated and excited.

While it is sometimes difficult to come up with your next goal, keeping at it brings great results.

After a few months my password was Invest@dreamproject!

And I actually started working towards my goal, something which I had been postponing always.

My next password was, believe@yesIcan,

and repeating it so many times every day  brought in tremendous self belief for me.

My password is expiring soon and life is going to change once again !

Currently my password is Ican@Iwill.

My next password is going to be enjoylife@stayblessedforever.

Select your goal, change your password today & stay blessed forever!