Hope Once a king announced a death sentence to two convicts.

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One of them knew that the king is very fond of his horse. He went up to the king and told him that if you spare my life, I will teach the horse how to fly in the next one year.

On hearing this the king became very happy that he will be the only owner of a horse that flies and spared the life of the convict.
The other convict looked at his friend with surprise and said, “you know that a horse cannot fly, so why did you think of such a stupid idea, you are just delaying your death by one year.”

The other convict replied, “I have given myself five reasons to obtain freedom.
First, The King may die in one year,
Second, the world may come to an end in the next one year,
Third, the horse may die in the next one year,
Fourth, I may die in the next one year due to any reason, and
Maybe, there will be a miracle and I will be able to teach the horse to fly.”

You should never lose hope even in the worst of circumstances.
Despite the pall of gloom related to Covid all around, The recovery rate is increasing, the positivity rate is coming down, medical infra is increasing, Multiple vaccines have arrived and vaccination is increasing.
Despite the odds, Life goes on, positive news is being received from across the world.
This too shall pass,
Fear will hold you prisoner, Hope will set you free,
Choose Hope, Let’s start this week with lots of hope and with the grace of God let’s all take care, stay healthy, stay safe and stay blessed forever.