‘Help Someone Reach the Top’

Help Someone Reach the Top

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28th April, 2023

The most beautiful thing in the world is to see your friends and family smiling & the next beautiful thing is to know that you are the reason behind it!

Sometimes your joy is the source of their smile, but sometimes their smile can be the source of your joy.

Once a group of 50 people were attending a seminar.

Suddenly the speaker stopped and started giving each one a balloon.

Each one was asked to write his/her name on it using a marker pen. All the balloons were collected and put in another room.

Then these delegates were taken to the room and given 5 minutes and asked to find the balloon which had their name written on it.

Everyone started frantically searching for their name, colliding with each other, pushing and jostling around others and there was utter chaos.

At the end of 5 minutes, no one could find their own balloon.

Then, the speaker asked each one to randomally collect a balloon and give it to the the person whose name was written on it.

Within minutes everyone had their own balloon.

The speaker began, “Exactly this is happening in our lives. Everyone is frantically looking for self happiness all around and is unable to find it.

But, if we were to help others find happiness and make others happy, we will find our happiness too and realise that our happiness lies in the happiness of other people.

Make them happy, Give them their happiness and you will get your own happiness.

And this is the basic purpose of human life.

To spread joy & happiness and make everyone happy & cheerful with your presence.

Give this happiness to others and you will be filled with immense satisfaction and a great sense of fullfilment.

As the old saying goes, “I helped a man climb a mountain and found that I too had reached the top.”

Help someone reach the top & stay blessed forever.