“Have Faith”

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27th Feb 2024

A man was walking on a shaking bridge, he felt scared and prayed for help.

He saw God on the other side of the bridge & asked God to come near and hold him, But God Didn’t come and the man got angry.

With great difficulty he crossed to the other side and saw God holding the broken bridge.

Trust God, his way are amazing, He won’t hold you but he will hold the broken bridge for you.

The magnetic needle always points to the North & with the help of that the sailing vessel does not lose her directions.

Similarly, as long as your heart is directed towards God, you will never be lost & he will always redirect you to your goal.

Look back & thank God.

Look forward & trust God.

He closes doors no can open & he opens doors no one can ever close.

Good things are coming. You just have faith & keep believing.

No matter how softly we whisper our prayers, he surely listens, understands & knows the hopes & fears in our hearts.

God has a great plan for you, Have trust & faith in him, see the miracles happen & stay blessed forever.