Happy Republic Day

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26th Jan, 2022

Good wishes on the occasion of Republic Day.

Republic Day is often thought of as a day on which we celebrate our military might and cultural divergence through the Republic Day parade.

However, The Republic day means much, much, more. It is a celebration of the eternal ideals, values and ethos that underlie our vibrant Democracy.

It is a reaffirmation of the ideal that we are all equal, regardless of our gender, language, caste, religion, faith, region, political affiliation, social status and economic status.

It is a recognition that all of us, without exception, have an inalienable fundamental right to a dignified life of equality, freedom of speech, assembly, faith and recourse to legal remedies. Constitutionally, there are no seniors or subordinates, only peers.

Our Constitution, that we adopted on this auspicious day, bestows on us the freedom of mind, freedom to faith and freedom to dream and pursue that dream, within the ambit of our constitution and assures to secure to us, each citizen of this wonderful nation, Justice, Liberty, equality and fraternity.

Let’s remember and reaffirm our allegiance to these ideals. Because that’s what makes us truly unique, truly Indian.

Proud to be an Indian!

One Nation, One Vision, One Identity,

Meri  Pehchaan, Mera  India!

Here is wishing everyone a very

🇮🇳Happy Republic Day 🇮🇳


May we & our beloved country stay blessed forever.