Happy Navratri

Happy Navratri

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07th Oct, 2021

The beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn are two very important junctions of climatic and solar influence.

These two periods are taken as sacred opportunities for the worship of the Divine Mother.

It represents celebration of Goddess Durga, the manifestation of Deity in the form of Shakti.

Happy Navratras!

The period of Purification, renunciation and Piety.

During Navratras, First invoke Goddess Durga, the universal mother, the embodiment of power, to remove impurities from the mind;

then invoke Goddess Lakshmi to cultivate the noble values and qualities,

Finally Invoke Goddess Saraswati for attaining the highest knowledge of the self.

Let’s bow to the Goddess and seek blessings from her to inspire and bless all of us with positivity, strength, wisdom, purity, devotion, good health and prosperity.

Jai Mata Di!

Use the occassion of Navratri to purify your mind, body and soul.

Stay blessed forever.