Happy Lohri

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13th Jan, 2022

Lohri is celebrated across India in various forms & different names, but the essence remains the same. It is a symbol of fertility & Thanksgiving to Agni,  the Fire God

This Lohri, as you light the holy fire to celebrate this wonderful festival,

Burn the unwanted desire before it turns into greed

Burn the unwanted worries before it turns into fear

Burn the unwanted misunderstanding before it turns into hate

Burn the unwanted conflicts before it turns into enmity

Burn the unwanted pride before it turns into ego

Burn the unwanted fear before it turns into Paranoia

Burn the unwanted thoughts before it turns into negativity

Burn the unwanted habits before it turns into addiction

Burn the unwanted expenses before it turns into debts

Keep burning the unwanted to brighten your life

Lohri is more than just a festival; it is an expression of community togetherness, celebration of fertility and the joy of life, Lohri holds more social significance than religious flavour.

Let us celebrate it as a day of spreading love and by forgetting all past differences and forgiving all grievances.

From our home and family to yours,

Wish you a Happy Lohri !

Stay blessed forever.