Happy Janamashthmi!

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7th September, 2023

Krishna was born in the darkness of the night, in the locked confines of a jail.

However, at the moment of His birth, all the guards fell asleep, the chains were broken and the barred doors gently opened.

Similarly, as soon as Krishna (Chetna, Awareness) takes birth in our hearts, all darkness (Negativity) fades.

All chains (Ego, I, Me, Myself) are broken.

 And all prison doors we keep ourselves in (Caste, Religion, Profession, Relations etc) are opened.

And that is the real Message and Essence of Janmashtmi.

The sublime mix of the magical and mundane is what makes Krishna, the most intensely human of all Vishnu Avatars, so endearing.

Janamashthmi is about our own yearning for his presence wherein we call upon Krishna to come to us, quickly.

“Krsna nee begane, baro!”

Krishna Told Arjuna,

“Tuh Karta Woh hai, Jo Tuh chahta hai,

Hota woh hai, Jo Mein chahta hoon,

Tuh kar woh, Jo Mein Chahta hoon,

Aur hoga woh, Jo tuh Chahta Hai”

(Krishna tells Arjuna,

“You like to do what you want,

But what actually happens is what I want,

Why don’t you do what I want and then what will happen is what you want.”)

Follow his principles, Make Him your Partner and he will work the impossible.

May Lord Krishna fill your life with peace, happiness, abundance & contentment.

May he bless you & grant you & your family good health, prosperity & positivity.

Happy Krishna Janamashthmi!

Stay blessed forever!