Happy Gurpurab

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19th Nov, 2021

On the auspicious occasion of the Birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

We wish and pray  that you are showered with Guru Ji’s divine blessings today and forever.

The life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji convey to entire humanity the ideals of love, compassion, equality and harmony.

He spread the light of knowledge and inspired all to become free from discrimination and rituals and in turn work for 

Sarbat da Bhala i.e. ‘the well-being of all’.

His message of 

Naam Japo,

Kirat Karo

and Wand Chhako

  which means:

Chant the name of the God, perform your duty with honesty and hard work,

and share whatever you earn with the needy was a call to entire humanity.

On this auspicious occasion, let us follow the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji and build a society based on his teachings of equality and social amity and Stay blessed forever.