Happy Friendship Day!

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6th August 2023

To my true friend, may your joy be as deep as the ocean, and your

troubles be as light as its foam,

To my true friend, may our differences be written in sand and our friendship in


To my True Friend, who hears the worst about me and refuses to believe it.

To my True Friend, one before whom I can think aloud.

To my true friend who knows all about me, and loves me just the same.

To my true friend, who remembers all the details about my childhood, and has the discretion not to mention them.

To my true Friend, May I ever be able to serve you and be noble enough to conceal it,

Friendship is the Wine of Life; Let’s drink of it and to it.

बड़ी अजीब सी बादशाही है दोस्तों के प्यार में,

ना उन्होंने कभी कैद में रखा, न हम कभी फरार हो पाए..

“Thank you, God, for stitching beautiful people in the fabric of my life. Their colourful patterns & personalities have added richness in my life.

Thank you, God, for the loving & caring friends who are always there come what may.

Thank you, God, for giving good health, happiness, contentment & prosperity to all my friends & associates.

A true friend is a present you give yourself.

Thank you for being a wonderful friend.

May we have a few True friends rather than a thousand acquaintances.

Be a true friend and stay blessed forever.