Happy Basant Panchmi! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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14th Feb 2024

Shakespeare, “When winter comes, can spring be far behind.”

Basant Panchmi marks the advent of spring when it is time for every bush & bower to spring to life with blooms & bursts of colour & fragrance, vibrant as sparklers in a festive display.

This day is also celebrated as the day that signifies the spread of knowledge through application in practice, innovation & creative adaptation. Earlier, this day was earmarked for the beginning of formal education.

Since the yellow colour holds special significance, people are seen wearing yellow clothes keeping with the prevalent colour of nature at this time when yellow sarson or mustard flowers and marigolds are in bloom.

“Through the ages, yellow has stood for wisdom and intellect. It’s the colour of the sun and symbolises knowledge and intellectual energy.

On account of the severities of the winter season, the entire animal kingdom becomes practically lifeless. Even fire and sun appear to get cramped due to severe cold.

With the advent of Basant, everything gets transformed; there’s life once again.

In short, the severities of winter come to an end and signs of new life make their appearance everywhere.

Basant is the appropriate time to revive our bonding with nature.

The whole world celebrates the advent of Basant.

Coinciding with Valentine’s Day – the day of love- this year, it is urging us to fill ourselves with love, to love nature and fall in love with learning and spreading knowledge.

Celebrate Basant Panchmi & Valentine’s Day in true spirit & stay blessed forever.