“God helps those who help themselves”.

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Haven’t we all heard this since our school days?
Yet, how many of us truly understand self-help and self-care?

While we try and do our jobs perfectly, we forget ourselves somewhere.
This often leads to burnouts, depression, frustration, lack of enthusiasm towards work and a slew of
problems we often fail to acknowledge.

You must also remember, that you are not invincible, so don’t hide your issues – seek help whenever required!

Grown men don’t cry may be a stereotype that you may be carrying, but actually, yes they do. In fact, it’s extremely important they show their emotions.

Some research suggests that men who can’t speak openly about their emotions may be less able to recognise symptoms of mental health problems in themselves, and less likely to reach out for support.
Men may also be more likely to use potentially harmful coping methods such as drugs or alcohol or become violent and less likely to talk to family or friends about their mental health.
The best way I know to fight stress and mental health issues is to build a good support network, ensure you have enough down time each day and develop a hobby.
In these times of stress, let’s reach out to family and friends, for their good and for our good.
Bringing succour to a hurt and damaged soul is the best way to make the world better.
This weekend,
Let’s give to receive,
Let’s listen and talk,
Let’s create a trail of kindness and stay blessed forever.