“Go big or Go Home”

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27th Dec 2023

The year 2024 is the year of the Dragon and is associated with power, luck, and success. Some say the year 2024 will be full of potential and prosperity.

According to the Chinese horoscope, it’s a year of creativity and lots of new ideas, the year of the Wood Dragon will bring authority, prosperity, and good fortune.

In the words of Levitt, it is a great year to “go big or go home”.

This very day, the last week of the year– and as we sit and ponder on the days gone by & the Spring & summer ahead, presents your greatest opportunity –

To start on a new journey,

To be a lion not a sheep,

To walk with giants versus among the meek.

To celebrate your best instead of succumbing to the worst.

To lift others up versus tear others down.

To pour creativity, mastery, courage and light into a world aching for marks of heroism.

Follow your dream, live your passion in 2024.

Within each of us lies ‘The Project,’ An idea longing to be nourished, cherished, launched and completed.

Writing a novel, Starting an enterprise, Achieving a goal, Raising a family, Freeing a nation.

Our deepest desire is to do ‘The Project.’ To express our vision, to carefully and patiently watch it unfold, to present it to those who will benefit by it and to experience the pride of the job beautifully done.

Yet, a million distractions battle for our attention, one hundred doubts fill our hearts, and so slowly and subtly, we recite the excuses that construct our reality and we shelve ‘The Project’ – Postponing it for another day, a  better day.

But postponing The Project is life’s greatest lie.

Picasso and Basquiat, Einstein and Edison, Gandhi, Jobs and Bill Gates didn’t wait for an ideal day to do their dream, They just started.

So many of the world’s troubles are symptoms of ‘The Project’ undone.

Pain is the result of potential denied and when you avoid ‘The Project,’ you dishonour your gifts, your talents & your Genius.

A portion of you goes numb, silent,quiet, scared.

The moment you start ‘The Project,’ everything shifts. Purpose, focus, passion and peace returns to your life. Your eyes sparkle, energy explodes, inspiration flows and your days become supported by coincidence, power and peak possibility.

In 2024, ‘Go big or go home’ and

Stay Blessed forever.