‘Give your Light’

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06th October, 2022

Once upon a time a man heard, that in a foreign place, far away, there was a holy flame burning.

So he got up and left his home to find the holy flame and bring some of its light back home to his house.

He thought, ‘When I have this light, then I will have happiness and all the people I love will have it too.’

He travelled far, far away and finally found the holy flame, with which he lit his light.

On his way back he had only one worry, ‘That his light could go out.’

On his way home he met someone who was freezing and didn’t have any fire and who begged him to give him some of his fire from the holy flame.

The man with the light hesitated for a moment. Wasn’t his light too precious, too holy to be given away for something ordinary like that?

Despite these doubts, he decided to help and give some of his light to the one who was freezing in the darkness.

The man continued his journey home and when he had almost reached his house, a terrible thunderstorm started.

He tried to protect his light from the rain and the storm, but at the end, his light went out.

To return the long way back to the place where the holy flame was burning was impossible, he didn’t have enough strength to go back that far – but he was strong enough to return to the human being whom he had helped on his way home.

………and with his light he could light his own again.

Give warmth to someone, do good, light someone’s path & it will come back to you sooner than you expected.

This festive month, let it be a month of Giving, of caring, of sharing your blessings, of sharing your light to help someone, to light someone’s path and doing some good.

The world really needs all the goodness & kindness that you can provide.

And don’t worry, it shall all come back sooner or later to light up your path, when you shall need it.

The universe is a perfect scorekeeper and always settles and maintains the balance.

Share your light this festive season And always & stay blessed forever.