‘Get your Answers’

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29th Nov, 2023

On Gurupurab, I walked into the Gurudwara with some resolutions in my mind and ready to ask for a number of  blessings from the Guru and find the answers to some things bothering me.

Before asking from the Guru, I felt I needed to offer a small donation and I Took out money and while I was bowing down to pay my obeisance, I Got caught in the dilemma of what to place between the two notes I was offering.

Just then, the Raagi ji sang the lines

“Kya devaun jab sabh kich tera”

(What should I give you when everything is yours and you are the giver).

I Realised (My) Ego is probably the only thing I should place there!

Offering donation is not only of money; while offering to God, offer to give your vices and adopt the ideals of humility, kindness and try to become a ‘Giver’ and share and care.

The way to connect to God is also by our daily habits, Values, Vision, Commitments & Discipline.

I was still addressing my dilemma and just then the Raagi ji sang,

“Charan saran Gur ek painda jaaeh chal, Satgur kot paindaa aageh hoeh layt hai.”

“If you take one step towards the Guru,

The Guru will take millions of steps to welcome you.”

I had received my answers and by  showing me the path, I had received much more than the blessings I was seeking.

Thank you Baba Nanak for being there and guiding me.

Take one step towards God, see the miracles happen, get all your answers & Stay blessed Forever.