Forgive Over And Over And Over

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You are going to have your heart broken over and over.

Whether it’s a fallout with a friend you thought you were close with, or that career that you wish you got or the goal you didn’t achieve, etc, etc.

It’s life, it’s going to happen. Take it for the lesson it was and move on. And never hold on to grudges against others and yourself.

When we harbor unforgiveness and blame others for all our misery, it slowly eats us away, breeding hatred, and destroying our relationship with that other person, and also with our inner self.

But when you decide to forgive, it is like an instant miraculous healing process. It is the key to moving on.

When people do not act as you would wish them to, exercise the muscles of your good nature by shrugging your shoulders and saying to yourself “Oh well.” Then let the incident go.

Also, try to be as kind to yourself as possible, by forgiving yourself for mistakes made.

The Greek philosopher Epictetus advised, “Do not measure yourself against others or even against your ideal self. Human betterment is a gradual, 2-steps-forward, 1-step-back effort.”

When you learn to forgive, others and yourself, and let go, you will be surprised to discover the lightness and freedom that unfold thereafter from within you. Forgiveness won’t necessarily erase all your pain. But it does mean that the hurt is no longer center stage.

Forgive because life is too short to be bitter and angry,

Forgive because it is the only way to have peace in life,

Forgive because we are also imperfect and have sinned,

Forgive others and first forgive yourself and stay blessed yourself.