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31st July, 2022

We’ve all become obsessed with mindfulness, meditation and self-help.

‘Fjaka’ is the latest self-care buzz word to add to the list.

First, we had ‘hygge,’ then we got all worked up about ‘sisu.’ We even embraced ‘còsagach.’ 

Fjaka is the new lifestyle trend and it gives you an excuse to do absolutely nothing.

Fjaka, a Croation term means “The sweetness of doing nothing.”

In a society that champions the ability to multitask above all else, not trying to check the next item off your to-do list can seem indulgent.

But if you do manage to surrender your mind and body to not doing anything at all, it can feel almost euphoric.

Croatians call this all-encompassing relaxation ‘fjaka.’

For those familiar with Mediterranean way of life, Spanish siesta would be the closest relative. Italians have also invented something very similar “dolce far niente” – “feel like doing nothing”.

Still, fjaka is a little bit wider term than just taking a break in the hottest part of a day. It’s hard to define it, so the best way is to use one old definition.

According to that interpretation, fjaka is a “psychophysical state of mind with aspiration for nothing”.

A little bit more elaborated: complete absence of wish for anything, especially for any kind of work.

Some may call it laziness but it is actually the complete opposite.

One smart blogger once said : “fjaka is a sublime state of mind and body to which all humanity aspires. In several cultures, fjaka is being achieved through meditation, in Dalmatia it is simply “a gift from God.”

To be truly engaging in Fjaka, you really have to be doing nothing.

Like, literally nothing – no  TV, exercise, your to-do list and just relax.

Naturally, it’s impossible to be doing Fjaka all the time. But when was the last time you did nothing at all?

And, no, binge-watching a Netflix series all afternoon does not clarify as ‘nothing’.

When did you last sit still? Stop and rested for ten minutes with no distractions and obligations.

This Sunday, aim for the ‘Gift from God, try & experience ‘Fjaka’ and stay blessed forever.