Find your Unfair Advantage

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Find your Unfair Advantage

I’m sure many could relate to having an “existential crisis” at some point in life.

What am I good at?

What is my purpose here? What can I do not just for a living, but to actually feel alive?

Navigating through this phase can be challenging, especially when you have to consider the opportunity costs at stake.

Though I am still in the process of self-discovery and building my skills, through my journey, I’ve understood these key principles:

~You are unique, stop trying to be like everyone else.

~Find your “unfair advantage”.

~Everyone has different strengths and no one is completely the same.

What is something that you have while others don’t?

For me, I enjoy and find value in reading books and writing short stories on investing, personal finance, business, positivity, motivation and self-development

Writing allows me to clarify my thoughts and synthesise information by bringing together the range of things I’m interested in and piecing them together.

I can’t tell you with great certainty what is your “Unfair advantage” because only you have the answer.

Here are some guiding questions to discover your “unfair advantage“:

~What are some topics you are passionate about?

~What feels like play to you but work to others?

~Get 5 acquaintances to describe your top 3 strengths. ~What are some common traits that are repeated?

~If you were to give a speech, what would it be about? Who will be the target audience?

~What is your personal branding and unique selling point? How are you different from others?