‘Find your Passion’

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19th Oct, 2023

One common piece of advice you might hear when deciding on a career is to “follow your passion.”

Following the work, ideas & projects that make you feel fulfilled & motivated can help lead you to jobs you will enjoy and succeed in. While the idea is simple, it can be difficult to define and follow what exactly you are passionate about.

Finding your passion is an ongoing, sometimes lifelong journey.

It takes many moments of thoughtful self-reflection, attention, and action to find the topics, tasks, and industries that make you feel excited.

How you might integrate your passions into your life vary significantly from person to person.

Some people choose to pursue their passions during free time outside of work, while others prefer to dedicate their day-to-day work life to their passions.

The choice you make will depend on what your passion is, whether or not it is easily transferred into a sustainable living and whether or not you want your pay check to be tied to your passion.

The best way to identify what you’re passionate about is by paying attention. Each day you are likely to get excited, interested, or satisfied by certain topics, tasks, or activities

Taking time to identify things in your life that make you feel satisfied, excited, motivated, or fulfilled is key to finding your passion. Translating that passion into a career happens by searching for opportunities and finding roles that appeal to your interests.

Tony Robbins says, “Passion is the genesis of genius” & uses the Rocking Chair test frequently at his events to unlock, ‘How to find your passion.’

Imagine yourself when you are 90 years old, sitting on your porch in your rocking chair and reminiscing about your life.

What is your biggest regret? What do you wish you had experienced?

What passion do you wish you had followed?

How do you want to be remembered?

All of these questions will unlock something in you and give you hints at what really matters to you. Chances are, it won’t be what society has conditioned you to think it is.

Many times, the answer to how to discover your passion is right in front of you, but you’re refusing to see it.

Open your eyes and believe that life can be extraordinary.

To make your life a masterpiece, turn your “shoulds” into “musts,” eliminate excuses and accept nothing less than a life filled with joy.

This may sound impossible at first – but once you commit to overcoming your fears, you’ll be able to overcome self-doubt and reservation, too.

Find your passion & stay blessed forever.