Find Your North Star

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Find Your North Star

The North Star is famous for holding still in the sky in the northern direction while the entire northern sky moves around it.

For centuries, it has been the guiding star for travellers & sailors to find the right direction. 

To find one’s North Star is to set a concrete goal and vision for self.

Finding your North Star gives you a reference point to keep you moving in the right direction.

It’s a fixed destination that you can depend as the world changes around you.

We all need to set our goals, Else we will get distracted by various changes and shiny objects in the environment.

Having a goal or a vision is the starting point of planning & strategizing activities.

Planning leads to action.

Action leads to results, so setting the right goal is the starting point of all growth and success endeavours. 

Follow the SMART goal setting approach – (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant & time bound)  and make your  goal / vision as the starting point of planning & strategizing activities. 

It will help you get immense focus, energy and motivation whenever you read your vision statement. This vision also helps the team to stay focused with the  core work and responsibilities.

Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal. Let’s celebrate the progress we make each day, each week,  each year instead of waiting for the end destination.

Get comfortable with your goal size and avoid comparison.

A goal should scare us a little, but excite us a lot. No point on comprising on health and family for pursuing business goals. Everyday when we wake up the goal should excite to go to work & when we go sleep, give a sense of fulfilment.

This too shall pass, find your North Star and Stay Blessed Forever.