Everyone knows about the life of Bill Gates

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Everyone knows about the life of Bill Gates and success story of Microsoft but very few know about Bill’s another trait that has played an important role in making Microsoft what it is today.

Bill Gates used to work with so much intensity for such lengths during his initial years, while building their first product that he would often collapse into sleep on his keyboard in the middle of writing a line of code.

This trait, a unique tendency to focus deeply on his work, is what differentiated Gates from his contemporaries.

Gates is also known to go for retreats twice a year which he calls *Think Weeks*, during which he isolates himself to do nothing but read and think big thoughts.

It’s this ability to do Deep Work that Cal Newport’s book, with the same title, is all about. Newport defines deep work as “Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive abilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.”

Right from sixteenth-century, philosopher Michel de Montaigne to modern psychologist Carl Jung, both of them isolated themselves for long stretches of time while they produced their most important works.

From Bill Gates to J.K. Rowling, you’ll find that commitment to deep work is a common theme.

In a world of distraction, how you organize your time and days makes an enormous difference.

This too shall pass,

Let this week be a *Think Week*

Organise yourself & stay blessed forever.