‘Enjoy the Buffet’

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1st Oct, 2023

I recently visited a restaurant with my family to enjoy a meal and to spend some quality time.

One of our favourite eating places, we decided to partake the special Sunday Buffet spread. Our varied food preferences could only be satiated by the Buffet.

After a while, guests at a nearby table started having a loud argument with the staff. It seemed they were not happy with the a la carte order they were served and were complaining.

That just got me thinking.

“People get upset when they are served a wrong dish in à la carte, but in a buffet, they simply take what they like and ignore the rest without getting upset.”

Shouldn’t we treat life like a buffet.

Take what we like and ignore the rest without getting upset.

God didn’t create an à la carte for us. It was built keeping everyone’s need in mind.

This Sunday, Let’s ignore what we don’t like, enjoy the buffet life has laid for us & stay blessed forever.