During my school days I was one of those shy & distant kids who would just sit in the corner. For me, my books were my only world. Even during breaks, I used to just sit in a corner of the ground and see others play.

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It was not like I wasn’t interested in joining others or making new friends, I always felt myself below par when compared to my peers. I always had a preconceived notion in my mind that my advances towards new friendships would be restricted & I just didn’t want to suffer a rejection.

Once during my English class, my teacher shared a little story with us. It was about King Bruce & a spider. It revolved around a lost battle & how King Bruce, despite losing the battle repeatedly, won it at the end.

King Bruce was inspired by the little spider in his prison. The little movements by the spider and the way it was taking rejections impressed me a lot. I was so surprised that I myself started observing the movements of spiders at home.

Once, a spider I was observing took around an hour to reach the top of a wall, and I cruelly dropped it down. To my surprise, within seconds it started making its way up again. This happened repeatedly. I would drop it down & the spider would clamber up in seconds.

This incident was a game changer for me. I realised, rejections were never a failure. The world may treat me badly, but I can stand up again and start working again. There would be a time when people would like and appreciate me.

From that day to this day, I love interacting with people, learning new things and making new friends.

Now I think and very strongly feel that there is just no word called rejection or failure as everything can and will change any moment.

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.
The mind is everything, what you think, you become.
You are confined by the walls you build yourself.
The First step toward Success is taken when You Refuse to be Captive of Circumstances,
If you think you can do it, You definitely will!

Take the first step &
Stay Blessed Forever.