‘Groundhog Day..’

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24th May, 2023

It is often said that history doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes. The term ‘Groundhog Day’ refers to a situation in which a series of unwanted events appear to be recurring in a similar way.

Groundhog Day is traditionally the day when the groundhog is said to come out of its hole at the end of hibernation.

If the animal sees its shadow—i.e. if the weather is sunny—it goes back into its hole, which portends six weeks more of winter weather.

Groundhog Day is a situation in which a series of unwelcome or tedious events appear to be recurring in exactly the same way.

For example,

An unwelcome guest who keeps on appearing repeatedly, or the stock market having its regular downfalls, or a sickness / fever coming at regular intervals, or a freak accident happening again and again.

The recent ₹2000 note ban is also being considered by many as a ‘Groundhog Day.’

The only way to live through the event is to persist & live through the hardship and have the faith that it shall end up well & believe that, ‘No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.’

The world is extremely complex and we keep trying to simplify it to an extent via observing and learning from similar past historical events.

The inability to predict the probability of key historical events has been a fallacy for humans for ages, be it predicting natural disasters, outburst of diseases or recessions.

Don’t try & predict the ‘Groundhog Day,’ learn to live through it & stay blessed forever.