‘Don’t Judge’

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23rd August, 2023

If you have a problem on your feet, isn’t it better to wear a pair of slippers than to try & carpet the whole earth.

When I was younger, I wanted to change the world but as I grew older & wiser, I felt it was better & easier to change myself.

I always remember a small parable whenever I feel hurt & think of changing the ways of the world or someone’s attitude or behaviour.

Once a King felt ill & the doctor advised him that he should only see green colour in case he wants to recover.

Being a King, he ordered that let everything in his kingdom be painted green & lo & behold his loyal courtiers started following the order.

A wise Minister came to know of the same & went to meet the king & advised him, ” Won’t it be easier if you wore Green Coloured lenses”

The king immediately realised his folly & followed the Minister’s advice & rewarded him handsomely for his guidance.

I try not to judge anyone for two main reasons,

Because I have too many faults of my own & because I don’t know the battles others are fighting.

‘The least amount of judging we can do, the better off we are, says Michael J Fox.’ Yet we often judge others, and don’t realize it.

Some enjoy judging other people as it helps boost their own self-esteem and you feel better about yourself.

Remember people have one thing in common; they are all different. If you don’t like doing something, it doesn’t mean that other people should not do it too.

For example, if you don’t like going out on weekdays, you shouldn’t stop another person.

Regardless of the reason, we don’t have a right to judge anyone. People have a right do what they want.

‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

Before judging someone, put yourself in his/her shoes. It’s really terrible being judged, but often we do it to other people without thinking.

So, ask yourself how you would feel if you were judged?

Earl Nightingale has rightly said: When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself. Do you want others to think of you as someone who judges everybody?

Ask your friends, peers what they think, and if most of them say that you often judge other people, then it’s time to stop being judgmental.

Last but not the least, I shall like to quote Paulo Coelho who says it beautifully, “We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation.”

So, judge less, don’t find fault in others behaviour but look at ways to improve yourself, accept more, restore your happiness & Stay Blessed forever.