Do you have a mountain to Climb?

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1st September, 2023

If two people want to climb a mountain, what’s the most important thing they need?

Is it equipment?

Or training?

Favourable weather conditions?



The answer of course is that while they need all of these for sure, the most important thing they really need is the mountain itself.

In our lives, we all need a mountain to climb. A goal that drives us to action.

And great leaders know that.

They make sure they have a clear goal—a mountain they wish their team to climb.

First, you need a goal.

And in our experience, that is what most people are lacking. They don’t know what they want to achieve.

In our business, of helping people achieve their financial goals, that is the first question we always ask an investor & in most cases we draw a blank.

It is on slight prodding that some goals start emerging & we agree on a broad direction and plan the way forward.

In 1953, Harvard conducted a study on goal-setting which has since been quoted and referenced in countless articles and books. The study found that people who wrote down their goals were more likely to achieve them than those who didn’t. This became known as the ‘Harvard Study on Goals’.

A 1953 graduating class of Harvard MBA students was asked about whether, or not, they had goals.

The following were the responses:

3% said they had clear, written goals.

13% had goals, just not written down.

84% did not have goals at all.

Ten years later, it was discovered that the 13% who had non-written goals earned on average twice as much as the 84% who did not have goals at all.

The 3% who had written goals outperformed everyone altogether by earning ten times as much as all of the other 97% combined.

A clear goal, or ‘Having a mountain to climb’ breathes life into your desire to have an improvement in your life. Your outcome-based goal now has an activity-based goal you can track on a daily and weekly basis.

Stop drifting, Define your mountain to achieve success & stay blessed forever.