Do we always need words to learn and understand?

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6th June, 2023

A professor went for a walk in the woods with his students. Suddenly, a student slipped while walking on the slope, and started rolling downhill.

He was about to fall into the ditch when a bamboo plant came in the way and he caught hold of it. He held onto the bamboo firmly and was saved from falling.

The bamboo bent like a bow, but it neither got uprooted, nor did it break. He held onto the bamboo firmly and kept hanging. Soon, his professor reached there with all the other students & rescued him.

After some time, the professor collected everyone and then asked – “The life-saving bamboo was saying something to you, did you hear it?”

All the students started looking at the student with great curiosity.

He replied – “No sir, maybe I did not pay attention as my life was in danger…and I do not even know the language of trees and plants. Could you please tell me the message?”

The professor smiled – “The bamboo you caught while falling in the ditch was completely bent as you held on to it. But it still supported you and saved your life.”

The professor continued, “I will show you the message that the Bamboo has given for you.”

The professor pulled at a bamboo plant standing nearby and then left it. The bamboo bent on pulling and then jumped back to its place.

“We too should adopt this flexibility of bamboo. Strong winds try to uproot the bamboo clump completely by shaking it wildly…it swings back and forth but stays firmly rooted in the ground.”

“The message the bamboo has sent for all of you is, that whenever there is a difficult phase in life, bow down a little and become humble, but do not break; because after the bad phase passes, you can again reach back your position.”

All the students listened attentively. The professor further said – “Bamboo not only withstands every stress, but it makes that stress its power and reverts at twice the speed.

The bamboo asks you to remain just as flexible in your lives.”

He concluded – “Even I don’t know the language of plants and trees. These trees and animals can’t speak, but they teach us a lot through their conduct.”

Many chapters of life can be learned not through words, but just by observing nature and the lessons it has in store for us.

Let’s learn from nature, adopt its amazing ways & stay blessed forever.