‘Digital Detox’

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13th June, 2022

Good Morning,

They say ‘Offline is the New Luxury’

Of late, I realised had been having these FOMO pangs and becoming obsessed with receiving text and posting messages on social media. I was feeling compelled to check my gadgets constantly for no particular reason.

Hence, I have decided to go on a ‘Digital Detox’ for a week starting today till the 19th of June –


No Phone Calls

No Posting

No Liking

No Sharing

No Mails

No WhatsApp

Just Living.

For something really, really urgent and non avoidable, you know how to get through, like old times.

Hope you will miss my digital presence only a little, and not too much.

Have a great week ahead and Stay Blessed Forever.

PS: Shall be back on the 20th and share my Detox experience with you.