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21st April 2024

Most people feel wealth will bring happiness and contentment.

What constitutes a rich life really depends on your relationship with money and what matters most to you in life.

There are many ways to become wealthy that don’t involve money.

Being content with what you have is a sure sign you’re living a rich life.

When you’re content, a number doesn’t matter as much as your mindset.

Kurt Vonnegut, an American Novelist, published this anecdote in The New Yorker magazine.

He recounts a conversation he had with Joseph Heller, the famous author of the best-selling book, ‘Catch 22.’

The two writers were at a party thrown by a billionaire when Vonnegut joked, “How does it feel to know that our host makes more in one day than your book, Catch-22 has made in its entire history?”

Heller responded, “I’ve got something he can never have- I’ve got Enough”

As the famous saying goes, “some people are so

poor, all they have is money”.

We all know that true wealth is beyond things.

Real wealth is meaningful experiences, relationships and life changing wisdom.

Wealth and poverty has nothing to do with material possessions, it is based on

contentment and discontent.

According to me, If you are content and grateful for what you have been blessed with, you are wealthy.

This is because, “Real wealth is not the possession of abundance, wealth is freedom from need.”

Enjoy your Sunday, have enough, be content & stay blessed forever.