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*Choose your Echo*

A man was taking his son on a walk in a nearby forest. Suddenly the boy tripped and feeling a sharp pain, he screams “AHHHH!”

Surprised, he hears a voice coming from the mountain, “AHHHH!” He was taken aback as it was his first experience of an echo.

Filled with curiosity, he screams: “Who are you?”, but the only answer he received was , “Who are you?”

This made him angry, so he shouted, “You are a coward!” and the voice answered “You are a coward!”

He looked at his father and asked “Dad what’s going on. Who is talking back at me?”

“Son,” the man replies, ” pay attention.

Say something nice to him.

Then he screams, “I love you!”  The voice answers, “I love you!”

Realising his son’s confusion the man takes over the conversation with nature and shouts

“You are wonderful!” and the voice answered, “You are wonderful!”

The boy is thrilled but still can’t understand what is going on.

The father explains, *Son, people call this an ECHO, but truly it is LIFE.  Life always gives you back what you give out.  Life is a mirror of your actions*.

If you want *more love, give more love.  If you want more kindness, give more kindness.  If you want understanding and respect, give understanding and respect.  If you want people to be patient with you, then be patient with them*.

*Life always gives you back what you give out…*

Your life is not a coincidence, but a mirror of your own doings.

This too shall pass,

Choose your ECHO ! Send out blessings and receive blessings in return.

**My echo is love, peace, good health, happiness and prosperity for everyone.*

Stay blessed forever.