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30th Dec 2023

Darwin’s theory states that evolution happened gradually over a period of time.

But about 521 million years ago, for a brief period of time, this evolution process was fast-tracked.

The Cambrian explosion led to a sudden diversification among the major animal species.

Thanks to this sudden spurt in evolution, the world was changed forever.

In the current age and time, Blockchain and AI are seen as Cambrian Explosion 2.0.

The Internet revolutionized communications.

Decentralized Finance is set to transform finance.

NFTs are set to transform ownership of properties.

And Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (nicknamed DAOs) are set to transform the future of companies;we might not even need companies in the future!

( More about this on another day)

We are entering an era of exponential change and the impact it will have on us humans is difficult to fathom at this stage.

In their year end message, The leaders of the two biggest corporate houses have told us to be ready for major disruption and change in the coming times.

Day by day nothing changes & when you look back, suddenly everything has changed & things are different.

Time changes everything & everyone.

Albert Einstein made a very strong remark when he said that, “Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity.”

If you do want a different result then the only thing that you can do is to be agile, adapt and change the things that you’ve been doing thus far.

The end of an year is a good time to reflect what has changed & plan for the change going forward.

It is imperative to change because,

“People who change after change will survive,

People who change with change will succeed &

People who cause the change will lead.”

Change is the only constant.

For the coming New Year,

Plan the change,

Start the change,

Adapt to the change & stay Blessed forever.