Challenge The Traditions

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14th September, 2023

A little girl was watching her mother prepare fish for dinner.

Her mother cut the head and tail off the fish and then placed it into a baking pan. The little girl asked her mother why she cut the head and tail off the fish.

Her mother thought for a while and then said, “I’ve always done it that way – that’s how grandma did it.”

Not satisfied with the answer, the little girl went to visit her grandma to find out why she cut the head and tail off the fish before baking it.

Grandma thought for a while and replied, “I don’t know. My mother always did it that way.”

So, the little girl and the grandma went to visit the great grandma to ask if she knew the answer.

Great grandma thought for a while and said, “Because my baking pan was too small to fit in the whole fish”.

Are you blindly following tradition and also trimming the edges of your opportunities to fit the “baking pan” of your life?

Some people feel traditions should not be questioned but only followed.

Mahatma Gandhi said it beautifully to bring clarity to the issue, “It is good to swim in the waters of tradition but to sink in them is suicide.”

Traditions should not be cast in stone. By their very nature, they are supposed to evolve constantly and meet the changing requirements of time and social contexts. And, it’s okay to rebel if you are facing genuinely oppressive situations.

No change & development can happen, if we don’t challenge the traditions.

Challenge the traditions, change for the better to enjoy the complete fish, don’t let the size of the baking pan limit your goals and dream and stay blessed forever.