C’est le ton qui fait la musique : Its not what you say but how you say it

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Consider these two statements:
“ 370000 test Covid Positive today;
“ 430000 people recovered from Covid today.”

If a message is communicated in different ways, it will also be received in
different ways.
Negativity sells, so most headlines are negative and don’t concentrate on the positive aspects.

In psychologists’ jargon, this technique is called Framing.

In a study, Researchers presented a group of people with two kinds of meat, “99 percent fat free” and “1 percent fat,” and asked them to choose which was healthier.
Can you guess which they picked?
Bingo: Respondents ranked the first type of meat as healthier, even though both
were identical.
Next came the choice between “98 percent fat free” and “1 percent fat.”

Again, most respondents chose the first option—despite its
higher fat content.

Realize that whatever you communicate contains some element of framing, and that every fact—even if you hear it from a trusted friend or read it in a reputable newspaper—is subject to this effect too. Even this message.

Hence, Let’s frame our messages and our communication in a positive manner, spread positivity and Stay blessed forever