‘Budget Day’

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1st Feb 2024

It’s the Union Budget Day, though the government will only be presenting an interim budget today!

Budget is like life.

It is all about balancing;

Balancing priorities,

Balancing what you have & what you need,

Deciding where to generate resources &

Allocating resources to your goal and like life, planning for uncertainties.

Whenever I think of budgets, Iam always reminded of this wonderful quote by Warren Buffet,

“Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do,

Anything that improves your own talents;

nobody can tax it or take it away from you.

They can run up huge deficits and the Dollar can become worth far less.

You can have all kinds of things happen,

But if you’ve got talent yourself, and you’ve maximized your talent, you’ve got a tremendous asset that can return ten-fold”

Make your budget, choose to Invest  on yourself, decide on your priorities for the year, allocate resources, plan the income & expenditure, balance it & stay blessed forever.