“Being Busy”

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9th March 2024

Do you know that feeling of being so busy that time flies in the blink of an eye?

We’re so busy with all kinds of things—work, friends, going out, partying, holidays, etc., but being busy is not a good thing.

Especially because we waste most of our time being busy. We say we’re busy but in reality, we just fill up our lives with things that don’t really matter.

We binge-watch TV shows for days, we go to networking events with weirdoes who try to sell you their services, we spend hours finding new clothes to buy so we can impress people we don’t even like.

Every time you say you’re busy, you’re actually saying that you can’t prioritize your life.

Most people identify being busy with being successful. But unlike 95% of the people I know, I don’t think to be busy means you’re successful.

When you meet people, they often want to show you that they have busy lives. “A full calendar must mean that I’m doing SOMETHING right, right?”

The truth is: If you’re busy, you don’t live at all. You just exist.

Derek Sivers, author of “Anything You Want,” and one of my favorite thinkers, says: “To me, ‘busy’ implies that the person is out of control of their life.”

But an often asked question is, “If I’m not busy, what the hell should I do?”

Slow down there, take a step back and think about which things in your life are just ‘busy work’ and not meaningful.

Seneca put it best: “A good man will not waste himself upon mean and discreditable work or be busy merely for the sake of being busy.”

Here’s how I put that in practice.

It’s absolutely fine if you don’t have plans for the weekend.

People’s favorite question on Monday is: “What did you do over the weekend?”

You don’t have to do things so you can tell others about it. If people ask me, this is what I say: “Nothing.”

Or, I say: “I wrote, went for a walk, and had dinner with family.”

And they look at me like: “That’s all?”

What? I’m not cool if I didn’t travel the world, had dinner with aboriginals, and jumped out of a jumbo jet on the way back?

Another thing: I say NO a lot.

Want to grab coffee all day? Want to write an article for money? Want to work for us? Want to do this or that?

No, not now—I don’t want to be busy.

When you’re busy, time moves fast. And I want time to move SLOW. That’s why I only say yes to things that matter to me.

Do you know that feeling? Some days seem like forever, and years later, you still remember how you felt that day. You should feel like that almost every day.

All you have to do is slow down, stop being busy, don’t forget about important things, and live a conscious life.

It’s not that difficult, right? You can start this weekend & stay blessed forever.