‘Be Grateful’

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01st May, 2022

Count your blessings, by noticing the many gifts you regularly receive, is a good way to commence a daily practice, and start to shine a light on gratitude in daily life.

The tiniest creatures of God,

Even the insects have the sense of gratefulness!

An ant was  caught on a dry leaf that was being carried down a flooded river and it called out from its tiny heart to God for succour.

Promptly a kite that was flying over the river, dove and rose up, with the leaf on its beak; for the bird mistook the leaf for a fish or frog!

The bird was sorely disappointed, but, the ant was delighted to land on hard ground!

“God came as a kite and rescued me, it felt. I must be grateful to the bird, to all birds,” it resolved.

One day, while on its morning round, the ant saw a hunter aim an arrow at a bird;

The Ant bit the  heel of the hunter, just when he was releasing the mortal shaft; the aim failed; the bird flew off, and was saved.

Do whatever you can for whoever you can, in the ‘Pay it forward’ circle of life.

God sends us his blessings through various means and different forms.

The ‘miracles’ in your life are the results of someone’s prayers and good deeds.

This Sunday, Be grateful for your blessings, for all the ‘miracles’ in your life and stay blessed forever.