Ask Yourself

Ask Yourself

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17th Oct, 2021

Saint Francis of Assisi was working in his garden when he was asked what he would do if he was told he would die at sunset.

His answer was precious… “I would finish hoeing my garden.”

All too often, in this age of extreme complexity and time of unyielding volatility, we fill our finest hours with pursuits that don’t matter.

… busy with our phones versus doing some great work.

…scheduling Zoom call after Zoom call and attending webinars, instead of finding solutions to major problems

…watching the latest TV shows on OTT instead of family meals with our loved ones.

…reading the news each morning instead of going for a walk or a game.

Saint Francis reminded us of the importance of stripping away the nonsense that invades too many potentially great lives and doing the things that fuel our body and soul and fill us with real joy.

This Sunday, take out some time and Please ask yourself –

—which activities make your eyes sparkle and heart sing?

—what tasks are you doing just to please others and fit into the herd?

—what will make the world brighter while enriching our lives?

—what would you do if you knew you’d be dead at sunset?

And if these are the pursuits that will be most important at the end why not make them most essential now?

This festive season, let’s do some good for the world and some good for ourselves and stay blessed forever. #goodeediwali