‘Are You Letting The Bull Get Away?’

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7th May 2024

Raghu, the village lad fell in love with the beautiful daughter of a wise old farmer. The farmer agreed to get Raghu married to his daughter, but he laid down one condition: “All you need to do is to catch the tail of any one of the three bulls in my herd. If you succeed in doing so, my daughter is all yours.”

On the day of the challenge, Raghu stood in the middle of the field and waited for the bulls to be released. The first bull appeared to be so big and ferocious, that Raghu turned and ran away, resolving to tackle the second bull.

The second bull was even bigger and more ferocious than the first, which scared Raghu even more, making him resolve to now catch the tail of the third bull.

Fortunately, the third bull was old and feeble. Raghu was relieved to see this, and he immediately set his pace and positioned himself in such a way that he could grab the bull’s tail, but alas! This bull had no tail!

They say opportunity only knocks once, grab it while it is there. Don’t wait for the perfect time or the perfect match or you will end up missing the opportunity.

Don’t let the Bull get away & stay blessed forever.