Always be Grateul !

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19th November, 2022

Did I hear you say, what should you thank God for?

Did you thank the running water in your kitchen Today?

Did you thank the vessels which hold your food so wholesomely today?

Did you thank your eyes, ears, nose, hands & feet?

For being so perfectly in sync!

Did you thank the breath

which fills life into your lungs Today?

And the stomach that helps you to churn

All that you happily gobble;

For it to later tackle!

Did you thank the birds that sing right below your window sil.

Did you thank the Sun so Bright,

Spreading light in each of our’s lives.

Did you thank….there are endless blessings to be grateful for each day.

Thank you God!

The qualification that gave you a job is the same qualification someone has, who has lost his job.

Be grateful.

The prayer that God answered for you is the same prayer others have been praying for but without success. 

Be grateful.

The road you use safely daily  is the same road where many others lost their precious lives.

Be grateful.

The temple in which God blessed you is the same temple other people too worship in, yet  their lives are still in discord.

Be grateful.

The bed you used in the hospital, you got healed and were discharged is  the same bed many other people breathed their last.

Be grateful.

The rain that made your field produce good crops is the same rain that devastated  someone else’s field.

Be grateful.

Be grateful because whatever you have is not by your power, your  might , your talent or your qualifications, but it’s just the “Grace of God.” 

HE  is the giver of everything you have.

This weekend, For everything you have, be  grateful & stay blessed forever!