‘Ahhhh Saturday’

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2nd March 2024

Every Saturday is your day to feel as free as a bird, to feel as free as you did when you were a child.

Play! Have fun! This is the day to find your bliss and live it.

Do the things that make you feel wonderful.

Do the things that make you laugh.

Do the things that make you jump for joy.

Dance, sing, skip, and whistle your way through the day.

Celebrate your life today!

As you play, laugh, smile, and have fun, you lighten up. When you have lightened up you release negativity. The lighter you feel, the more negativity you have released.

Saturdays are your days to lighten up!

Remember, life is a never-ending game and you will be playing the game for all of eternity.

Sometimes you have to just let go & see what happens.

At times, the Universe is asking, show me your new vibration & I will show you miracles.

So, enjoy your Saturday & stay blessed forever.