‘Adopt the pace of Nature’

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24th Feb 2024

Just take a look at nature. She has been asleep, resting, and waiting these past winter months knowing that there will be a time to wake.

She is slowly awakening. Not in a rush or a mad dash to full bloom, but a slow trickle.

Each day a minute longer. Each morning a few more birds raise their voice in song.

Trees begin their slow process of pushing the energy stored in their roots over winter up to their branches, in time producing flowers and leaves.

We all know that soon she will be back in full bloom and we eventually will be too.

“Nature transitions from season to season at its own pace, in its own time, without ever pushing or rushing things.

Nature doesn’t overthink. Nature just happens.

Grass grows, Trees shed leaves, Flowers bloom, River’s flow.”

Your body is nature, and in the same way, you can and must trust it to heal and grow through the power of presence and patience.

Go with the flow, let time help and heal.

Things will happen at their own pace, in their own time, just be patient.

This weekend, embrace the opportunity to develop a sense of wonder and observe the beauty found in every day & stay blessed forever.