A simple Message from the Universe

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A simple Message from the Universe

“Just one small step. That is all I ask of you today. You have been receiving visions about a great accomplishment I have planned for you.

 Right now the task may seem overwhelming – how will you ever get to the end goal?

You will succeed, dear child. For now, all you need to do is take one small step in this direction. Day by day, you will make your way down a divine path.

The greatest journeys are simply a series of continual steps.

Say to yourself, I will take the step and will keep moving forward.”

Otherwise, In the end, you will only regret

The things you didn’t do,

The chances you didn’t take,

The dreams you didn’t follow,

The goals you didn’t chase,

The road you didn’t travel,

The opportunity you missed in your busy schedule,

*Do it now*

This is a wonderful time to start something new.

Do it now, feel proud forever & stay blessed forever.