A homeless man with a big heart

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*A homeless man with a big heart*

Riceman, a YouTuber who does social experiments and pranks, did an experiment in which he told people his brother was missing to see how they would react. The reaction of one homeless man showed him how generous a person — even with little means — can be. 

The man was standing on the corner, holding up a sign reading

“U.S. Veteran in need, please help.”

Riceman went up, gave the man some change, and told him that his brother was missing and to let him know if he saw him.

When Riceman walked away, instead of holding up his own sign to passing cars, the man held up the sign with Riceman’s missing brother on it.

He deliberately chose to stop asking for money for himself, in order to help Riceman.

When Riceman returned, he told the homeless man about the experiment and asked him why he chose to hold up the missing person’s sign rather than continuing to ask for money. The man told him,

*”What kind of a person would I be if I didn’t help someone else?”*

Riceman then gave him some cash and a hug, moved by his desire to help someone in need.

This too shall pass,

With all of the negative stories in the news, sometimes it’s nice to find tears running down your face for a different reason: a profound appreciation for the kind things people do for each other. 

You hear stories in which people  give money to strangers, while in others, people perform simple, caring acts for those they love.

Many of these stories going around have inspired millions of people, and I hope they inspire all of us to do an act of kindness of our own. Let’s do good, be kind and Stay blessed forever.