‘Which end of the Telescope are you seeing from?’

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27th June 2024

John Maxwell shares this story in his book, ‘Be All You Can Be.’

“One day, little Bobby’s father came into the front room and saw the boy looking out on the street through the big end of a telescope.

He said, “Son, that’s not the way you look through a telescope. If you look through it that way, you make the objects look much smaller. A telescope is to make things look bigger.”

But Bobby smiled and said, “Daddy, the bully who’s always beating me up is out on the street. I turned the telescope around because he’s my main problem, and I want to see him smaller than he really is.”

We may not realize it but we all carry a telescope with us every day.

In our interactions, daily life, when we look at the world around us and when we look at ourselves. We unconsciously use the telescope; some use the big end to reduce the positives & some the other end to highlight the negatives.

My question to you is: How do you choose to see the world and the situations around you?

Over-magnified or under-magnified?

Our life is compiled of things we choose to focus on and magnify. Good, bad, ugly, past, present, future… all create our perspective.

Choose to magnify things that are hard to see during challenging times.

Choose to magnify love in the midst of hate.

Choose to magnify the successes over the failures.

& most of all, choose to focus on your present self instead of your past.

The real trick is to find the positives and magnify it.

Look closer, think deeper, dig just a little further to get to it. Fix your focus on the good, even if it’s small – that strength will magnify, maybe even multiply.

Support your achievements instead of criticizing yourselves for past failures.

Create a life worth magnifying & stay blessed forever.