‘Time Billionaire’

16th April 2024 In 2019, Graham Duncan, the co-founder of East Rock Capital, appeared on an episode of The Tim Ferriss Show. During the conversation, Duncan proposed a concept that changed my life: ‘The Time Billionaire.’ He said, “A Million seconds is 11 days. A Billion seconds is slightly over 31 years. I feel like […]

‘Nothing is impossible’

26th March 2024 In a recent conference I attended, the speaker talked about The Netflix documentary ’14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible.’ Hence, I saw it once again yesterday and got some amazing insights. ’14 Peaks’ follows a team of Nepalese mountaineers led by Nims Purja who attempt to summit the world’s tallest 14 peaks above […]

“Positive Attitude”

17th March 2024 For many generations before the twentieth century, the standard procedure for developing skilled craftsmen was for the father to teach the sons his trade. The skills necessary for the craft were passed from one generation to another. Many years ago, a shoemaker was teaching his three-year-old son his craft to prepare him […]

“Choose Happiness”

16th March 2024 Happiness is a feeling that is hard to quantify. After all, what makes one person happy can differ from the next. Plus, what makes us happy at one point in time can change as we evolve, making it hard to quantify. There was once an old lady who cried all the time. […]

“Good Deeds Week”

11th March 2024 Let this week be your week to fill your account at the Bank of the Universe with good deeds. Encourage those around you. Give kindness. Give good words to those you see and speak to. Give a bigger tip. Give a gift for no reason. Open doors for others. Buy coffee or […]

“Have Faith”

27th Feb 2024 A man was walking on a shaking bridge, he felt scared and prayed for help. He saw God on the other side of the bridge & asked God to come near and hold him, But God Didn’t come and the man got angry. With great difficulty he crossed to the other side […]

‘Adopt the pace of Nature’

24th Feb 2024 Just take a look at nature. She has been asleep, resting, and waiting these past winter months knowing that there will be a time to wake. She is slowly awakening. Not in a rush or a mad dash to full bloom, but a slow trickle. Each day a minute longer. Each morning […]

“Be Positive – Overcome your ANTs”

23rd Feb 2024 Around 65,000 thoughts go through our minds each day. Unfortunately, in the case of most people, most of them are negative. These Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) occur so often that you’re probably not even aware of them (most of us aren’t). For example, you know that little voice that points out irresponsible […]

“The power of Positive Expectations”

21st Feb 2024 As negative feelings go, it’s widely accepted that pessimism pretty much tops the charts. What is not quite as well accepted is the power of optimism -The power of positive expectations While you may have your reservations about ‘The Secret’ type of ‘If you think you will get a parking slot near […]

“New Beginnings”

1st Jan 2024 A new day, A new week, A new month, A New Year, Isn’t The Dawn of a new year a Wonderful Blessing, Doesn’t it stand for Hope, giving us another start of what we call Life… I don’t quite know where my steps or path will lead me, but I sure know […]