Dear Son

Sandeep Sahni

About Sandeep Sahni

Sandeep completed his schooling from St. Johns, Chandigarh (Class of 1980) and Modern School, New Delhi, (Class of 1982). For his B. Com (Hons.), Sandeep attended Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University (Class of 1985).

In continuity with his academic journey, Sandeep is an alum of IIM Lucknow with a Post Graduate Degree (MBA class of 1988).

Sandeep started his career as a corporate man with Asian Paints after IIML. Over the course of his life, he gained rich work experience in various fields including FMCG, Food Distribution, Cold Chain, Logistics, and Hospitality Industries.

Sandeep’s investing experience and study of the Financial Markets spans over 30 years. He is based in Chandigarh and is advising more than 500 clients across the globe on Financial Planning and Wealth Management.

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For me, your success will truly count if you are a ‘Successful Human,’
a valued friend, a considerate husband,
a loving father, a go-to sibling, an empathetic Boss, a diligent worker, a kind listener, an inspiring teacher, a pious and compassionate human.
If you achieve all this,
wealth and titles which also
count a lot, will automatically follow.”

Sandeep Sahni

What my MBA didn’t teach me about money

Gives real and practical strategies to work around:

Money beliefs and hiccups in finance

Investing in stock markets

Overcoming our own biases and navigating our vulnerabilities in those special situations when we are most likely to make money mistakes

Our Services

Avail of a range of financial services from need assessment, goal planning, risk analysis, Investment management, Insurance and tax planning, Debt management to investing in the financial markets, Gold, Real estate, and other asset classes. Become a member of the Sahayak Associates family today and achieve your financial objectives

Sandeep has written two books, ‘Dear Son, Life Lessons from a father’ for his 21 year old son and co-authored, ‘What My MBA Did Not Teach me about Money’ on the Financial and Human perspectives of Money. He thus understands the challenges the youth face as they enter into adulthood and are starting their life journey, lost in the maze of Dreams, Goals, Money, values, character, upskilling, health, among other aspects.

Connect with Sandeep to obtain the ultimate tools for brand success. With more than 30 years of diverse Corporate and Family business experience, Sandeep offers expert guidance on business planning, financial and competitive viability, business moat study and business modelling.

Career development and progress is a lifelong process. To compete and succeed in this global village, Sandeep with his empathetic listening and deep understanding of Global work trends, will help you understand yourself, identify your strengths and turn them into opportunities to facilitate an informed decision and accomplished life in terms of career and education.

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