30th March 2024 You are important to life. Take time to shut out the world and take care of you. Initiate a process to become grounded. Create a ritual where you go within yourself to create a space of joy, peace and healing as a process of centering yourself. Leave behind the worry, anxiety and […]

‘Life Lessons’

28th March 2024 One of my biggest lessons in life came from the book called ‘Every Second Counts’ by the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong. The book is an amazing story of introspection, self-belief, and discipline. Pain is not such a bad thing after all, argues Armstrong, and is, in fact, the most uplifting of all […]

‘Overcome the challenges’

24th March 2024 Helen Keller lived in a world of darkness and silence. She was eighteen months old when she contracted a virus that robbed her of her sight and hearing. Imagine what that must have been like! As she got older she developed terrible temper tantrums because she couldn’t communicate with others. That is […]

‘Handling Failure’

20th March 2024 We grow up hearing, ‘Beta, work hard, Keep studying, be focused.’ If we do these things, we are told, we will get into a good school, and then a good college, and thereafter a good job is assured. But what if we follow the script and work hard and, despite giving it […]

“Change your Mindset”

22nd Feb 2024 There is the story of a man who complained of persistent neck pain, severe migraine and frequent dizzy spells. He consulted a doctor, who took a good look at him and pronounced the terrible news: He had only six months to live. The man walked out dejected. But then he decided what […]

‘Choose your hard’

11th Feb 2024 Regret is hard, discipline is hard, choose your hard. Obesity is hard, and being fit is hard. Choose your hard. Dealing with illness is hard, Adopting a healthy lifestyle is hard, choose your hard. Pleasing everyone is hard, pursuing what you love is hard, choose your hard. Indecision is hard, trusting yourself […]

‘Decision Making’

7th Feb 2024 When was the last time you struggled with a choice? Maybe it was this morning, when you decided to hit the snooze button—again. Perhaps it was at a restaurant, with a miles-long menu and the server standing over you. Or maybe it was when you left your closet in a shambles after […]

‘Deliberate Practise’

31st Jan 2024 “I don’t count my sit-ups, I only start counting when it starts hurting when I feel pain, that’s when I start counting, because that’s when it really counts.” Those are the words of the greatest pugilist that the world has ever seen in the history of boxing – Muhammad Ali. Ali began […]

‘Life Lessons’

23rd Jan 2024 The animal kingdom has many life lessons for us and how they nurture and bring up their young ones can teach us how to groom them and let them fly away. When ready to lay eggs, the female and male eagle identify a place very high on a cliff where no predators […]

‘Post Traumatic Growth’

18th Jan 2024 When faced with a crisis or a trauma, some break down while others emerge stronger & victorious. We’ve all heard of the term “post-traumatic stress.” Yet I am far more fascinated by the phenomenon of post-traumatic growth: the instance where a human being actually leverages a setback. Post-traumatic growth is the positive […]