A ‘Stop doing It List’

13th May 2024 Most of us have a ‘To Do List.’ When I was a younger, I actually, ran my entire life by one. Everything was written down and I lived off this list with military-grade precision. It wasn’t much fun, but it was a great reminder & I did get a lot done. The […]

‘21 Day No Complaint Challenge’

4th May 2024 I recently read a book that already feels like it is starting to change my life – ‘A Complaint-Free World,’ by Will Bowen. The premise of this book focuses on completing a 21-day challenge in which complaining is prohibited and every time you slip, you start all over again. Many, if not […]

‘Believe You Can!!’

2nd May 2024 A businessman was deep in debt and could see no way out. Creditors were closing in on him. Suppliers were demanding payment. He sat on the park bench, head in hands, wondering if anything could save his company from bankruptcy. Suddenly an old man appeared before him. “I can see that something […]

‘Are you taking action?’

30th April 2024 The Harsh Truth is, that there is someone out there, way less qualified than you, living the life you want, achieving the things you want, simply because they took action, and you didn’t. We live in the golden age of information. Everything is freely accessible at the touch of a button. But […]

‘The 1-in-60 Rule’

26th April 2024 On March 28, 1979, a sightseeing flight crashed into a mountain in Antarctica, killing all of the 279 people on board. An investigation determined that the crew had not been informed of a two-degree correction made to the plane’s flight path the night before, causing the plane’s navigation system to route them […]

‘The Elephant Rope’

25th April 2024 “Once there was a woman who was passing by some huge elephants, who were only secured by a tiny rope. She asked the trainer, “Why are they tied to such a tiny rope, won’t they just break free?” The trainer smiled and explained, when these elephants were just little babies, we used […]


30th March 2024 You are important to life. Take time to shut out the world and take care of you. Initiate a process to become grounded. Create a ritual where you go within yourself to create a space of joy, peace and healing as a process of centering yourself. Leave behind the worry, anxiety and […]

‘Life Lessons’

28th March 2024 One of my biggest lessons in life came from the book called ‘Every Second Counts’ by the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong. The book is an amazing story of introspection, self-belief, and discipline. Pain is not such a bad thing after all, argues Armstrong, and is, in fact, the most uplifting of all […]

‘Overcome the challenges’

24th March 2024 Helen Keller lived in a world of darkness and silence. She was eighteen months old when she contracted a virus that robbed her of her sight and hearing. Imagine what that must have been like! As she got older she developed terrible temper tantrums because she couldn’t communicate with others. That is […]

‘Handling Failure’

20th March 2024 We grow up hearing, ‘Beta, work hard, Keep studying, be focused.’ If we do these things, we are told, we will get into a good school, and then a good college, and thereafter a good job is assured. But what if we follow the script and work hard and, despite giving it […]