‘Pray to lose’

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28th June 2024

A Saint was once asked:  “What do you ‘Gain’ from praying to the Lord regularly?”

He replied: “Usually, I don’t gain anything, but mostly I lose many things.”

And he quoted everything he lost praying to God regularly:

I lost my pride,

I lost my arrogance,

I lost greed,

I lost my urge to acquire mindlessly,

I lost fear,

I lost my anger.

I lost the lust.

I lost the pleasure of lying.

I lost the taste of sin.

I lost impatience, despair, and discouragement.

Sometimes we pray, not to gain something, but to lose things that don’t allow us to grow Spiritually.

Prayer educates, strengthens, and heals.  Prayer is the channel that connects us directly to God.

When you feel, you are being poisoned by stress, pressure, pain, or failure, take it to God to lose all that and move towards positivity.

The best antidote is to pray.

As it is said in the Gurbani,

“Dukh Vele ardas,

Sukh Vele shukrana ,

Har Vele simran.”

Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray & stay blessed forever.