‘21 Day No Complaint Challenge’

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4th May 2024

I recently read a book that already feels like it is starting to change my life – ‘A Complaint-Free World,’ by Will Bowen.

The premise of this book focuses on completing a 21-day challenge in which complaining is prohibited and every time you slip, you start all over again.

Many, if not most people who try this experiment take longer than anticipated just to go one full day without complaining—with some going as long as 8 months to a year.

Surprised? I was, too until I decided to try this challenge out for myself.

One of the first things I noticed is that a lot of my former complaining felt automatic—that is, I did not even notice I was doing it.

Some people use a wristband wherein you start changing which wrist you wear the bracelet on after each complaint made. This helps the brain become cognizant of when complaining is taking place, thus making it easier for you to recognize when you are about to engage in this act.

While it is helpful to notice when you complain, one of the questions I kept asking myself is: “What exactly constitutes complaining”?

Bowen discussed that complaining refers to saying something negative and/or gossiping.

The two caveats here are that something negative should only be said if one is seeking to find a solution to a problem as opposed to complaining about the problem just to complain, and that gossiping should only be engaged if and when you would say whatever you are saying to the person’s face.

Benefits of engaging in this challenge includes feeling happier and more optimistic overall, feeling better about yourself as a whole, and even attracting more positive experiences into your world (for those that subscribe to law of attraction beliefs).

I have just started the 21 Day no complaint challenge and have already had to start over again and again due to the habit of complaining not going away.

The gaps are becoming longer and I know it will take me some time to be entirely complaint-free, but I am well on my way.

As I continue to try and not complain, I cannot help but notice how many of us do, and how many conversations are guided by complaints alone.

Despite this, engaging in this challenge has made me feel lighter, calmer, and more focused on what matters.

Moreover, it feels so much easier to experience gratitude. When your brain stops focusing on negative aspects of experiences, it has more room to focus on growth and all the things around you that could have been missed in the process.

I highly recommend trying this experiment for yourself. It costs nothing but your attention and will help you shelve old habits and harness your mind towards the creative good of your life.

Give it a try,

You’ve got nothing to lose but your ego.

Try the 21 day No Complaint Challenge, become a better you & stay blessed forever.