‘Isn’t it time?’

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19th June 2024

Time doesn’t wait for anyone.

…isn’t it time you transcended all your usual excuses?

…isn’t it time you embraced each of your largest fears?

…isn’t it time to let go of toxic associations?

…isn’t it time to use your sublime talent to full potential?

…isn’t it time to get ultra-fit?

…isn’t it time to find both real fortune and sustained fulfillment?

…isn’t it time to take more epic travels and enjoy more adventures?

…isn’t it time to produce great work that utterly dominates your domain?

…isn’t it time to rest and recover more?

…isn’t it time to forgive those who’ve hurt you?

…isn’t it time to let go of the past? You cannot construct a glorious future if you’re stuck in the past.

…isn’t it time to model the highest of human decency?

…isn’t it time to become the hero of your life?

One of the most human of weaknesses we all need to wage war with is the absolute sabotaging seduction of “putting off” or “I shall do it tomorrow.”

— It’s so easy to put off our inner work so we become the finest versions of our most luminous selves.

— It’s so easy to put off investing the sweat equity that will help us reach mastery at our chosen craft.

— It’s so easy to put off fortifying our health and making time for relaxation.

— It’s so easy to put off pursuing our dreams, growing in love and carving out the kind of life that will leave a phenomenal legacy.

If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?

The smallest of actions is always 100x better than the noblest of intentions.

Stop making excuses & start making progress towards your better life & dreams.

So today, no matter what it is, please do something to raise your standards, escalate your talents and magnify your native heroism & stay blessed forever.